Change is like buses; it never seems to arrive but then change comes all at once.

How do things ‘suddenly’ seem to click.

The ‘Wave of the Future’, encapsulated by the forces of change, may be operated by an underlying clockwork leveraging a complex series of ‘hidden’ variables or ‘unwritten’ rules to adjust, steer or accelerate the speed information travels at.

The rate at which information changes minds could be referred to as its velocity. The magic of ‘new’ information is that it triggers a mental displacement over time generally started by friction.

Information, often hidden in plain sight, helps us to see things differently.

It is finite with no boundaries.

Ideas compound.

Unlike popular belief, the comforting fact in all this is that change is not always accelerating away from us.

Change has a natural speed limit.

However, it is imperative for us to find the right gear to ensure the future casts no shadow by staying on top of it, being transparent and applying collaborative ‘suncream’ to protect ourselves from getting burnt.

We can indeed jump our own shadow.

Start to collect intelligence smartly by evaluating information based on 1) Source 2) Accuracy and 3) Novelty Factor.

The ‘Novelty Factor’ of information is differentiated by its Relevance, Coherence, Similarity, Support, Importance and Aspects.

This novelty factor coupled with an ease of communication, to make sure people can understand, apply & re-produce, is what makes information ‘go viral’ or ‘catch on’.

The spread, acceleration or velocity of information could be calculated as depicted in figure 1.

Figure 1.

This illustration helps explain that the speed at which information travels reaches terminal velocity at some point i.e it cannot go faster.

A deep, diverse and inclusive network only contributes to shifting our mental gears with its 6 degrees of Separation, 3 degrees of Influence and 2 degrees of Impact concept (see figure 2).

It takes a ‘friend of a friend’ to be convinced to change our world.

Figure 2

Change may then be subject to cycles of evolution with revolutionary insights occurring at more regular intervals than perhaps we anticipate.

Whereas information was previously ‘only’ spread either by word of mouth or in printed format, technology has now increased visibility, accessibility and transmissibility of information, content or ideas.

The introduction of an online ‘Dewey Decimal System’ will elevate information accessibility to another level by better arranging, indexing and categorising information available on the internet.

Search engines must follow suit by incorporating the ‘Novelty Factor’ into their logic or algorithms to better service progress.

Technology helps us to get nearer the ‘natural speed of change’ as depicted in figure 3.

Figure 3.

With information travelling at the speed of light (C) facilitated by new technologies, the Energy (E) – Information (M) equation means that a small amount of information can be converted into a vast amount of energy (E=MC2).

Human history can be distilled into a single equation (E*T=C) where E stands for (Human) Energy, T for Technology and C for Change.

Information is like poetry.

But the line ‘information tells progress where to bend whereas progress shows information how to move’ carries a health warning too.

Misinformation, disinformation or non-information creates not only unnecessary noise for us all but also contributes to misplaced information overload, anxiety and fear to directly impact our interactions, well-being and ultimately progress.

We must stop this.

It is up to us to make sure information spreads positive change.  

Change is in the air.

All aboard, please!

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