Coact Consulting Group facilitates deep professional relationships to better understand our clients’ business to solve inertia, revamp operating models and find ways to make strategic ideas happen. Our efforts are aligned with budget, resources and commercial needs to offer tailor-made solutions whilst maintaining business continuity. Coact Consulting Group constructs a unique vantage point to channel future business, upgrade service levels and improve accountability. We work with your organisation to ensure your company becomes more valuable than the sum of its parts. Examples of type of work include facilitating workshops, seminars or course curricula; gaining access to specialists within their fields to acquire instant knowledge; zero based budget initiatives, organisational design or other advisory services.



Coact Consulting Group performs effective market searches to connect companies with external vendors to effectively leverage practitioner knowledge, gain exposure to extensive domain expertise and open up access to deep business experience at reduced transaction costs. Your company gains access to a comprehensive, diverse and vibrant network to produce predictable, realistic and compelling outcomes. Services range from procuring digital solutions, analytical capabilities and operational excellence to organisational behaviour tool set, event management, commercial property searches and value-added funding arrangements.



Coact Consulting Group establishes a secure, confidential and safe environment to allow parties to come together to discover, explore and construct strategic partnerships. We serve in the best interest of each party to negotiate complex agendas, navigate cultural challenges and nurture good corporate citizenship. This approach enacts fundamental change, scales business models and unlocks opportunities for mutually beneficial commercial growth. Coact Consulting Group identifies structural holes to build bridges between functions, divisions and organisations to extract, share and monetise business information. We steer intricate professional relationships to leverage corporate memory, encourage joined-up thinking and amplify combined organisational throughput. Business scenarios include post-merger integration, develop routes to make commercial ideas a reality, enter foreign markets, sectors or regions or develop new products.



Coact Consulting Group recognises that collaboration, innovation and transformation are owned by everybody. We connect the dots between pockets of information for stakeholders to develop a shared vision, actively shorten business cycles and facilitate strategy execution in a cooperative, high quality and timely manner. Coact Consulting Group pairs multi-faceted skill sets, business knowledge and ideas to make transformation come alive within a partnership framework. Our operating model to deliver transformation is for your company to call on Coact Consulting Group’s full suite of services to connect ideas with strategy and network. Transformation is not change management nor an optimisation of existing capabilities but the start of a journey to realise a set of future aspirations now.