The First Rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. Fights go on for as long as they have to and, if it is your first night, you have to fight.

Career transition often follows these same Fight Club rules.

Professional changeovers are increasingly common place. A key contributing factor is that companies are re-shaping their workforce to align its capabilities to digital strategy.

Specialists in topics such as Cloud Technology, Advanced Analytics, Cybersecurity and Transformation are in demand irrespective of sector.

Talent redeployment programs therefore need to operate industry wide. Firms offering career development and transition services are to play a pivotal role.

Transition programs providing training, coaches and mentors need to be cutting edge to enable an efficient, productive and timely professional transformation.

These programs need to have clear measures of success to deliver a sector agnostic, continuous talent pool readily equipped with the right skill sets and experience to match an organisation’s requirements.

A structured framework is fundamental.

Professionals in transition must leverage this period to self-reflect, establish their purpose and gain exposure to new information, connections and ideas.

Travel back to the future to discover your personal brand, re-connect with people and pro-actively share your thoughts. Re-train, upskill and grow.

To mirror a start-up life cycle, use this transition period to create your own path. Develop an idea, validate the opportunity, formulate a marketing plan, sell and execute.

Continuous learning, re-orientation and resilience are pre-requisites to thrive in a business environment. Firms need to recognise that transition experience is an asset.

On a long enough journey, everyone’s survival rate drops to zero. Transition is a certainty and a gift opening a world of possibilities.

Do not fear this period, take your time and tell your story. A diverse set of experiences including failure are valuable to business.

Sweat the small stuff, be pro-actively patient and smile.

Luck is where you find it.  

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