The discovery of fire proved a clear differentiator to human survival.

Control of this natural force welcomed a transition from simple life to a more complex, collaborative and outward looking organisational structure focusing on territories beyond.

History demonstrates that co-operation presents the crucial edge to human development, re-production and growth.

Humans are social animals.

A paradigm shift is required now to effectively combat game changing topics such as digital transformation, climate change and space exploration.

A Cognitive Evolution is under way.

Digital capabilities such as The Internet of Things enable collaboration in extremely flexible ways involving large groups of people across big distances, significant data sets are available on human relationships and information is transmitted on things that do not really exist including virtual, augmented and future reality.

Technologies introduce new ways of thinking, communicating and working.

Organisations can consequently carry out complex actions quickly such as due diligence checks; large, cohesive and diverse networks are established; and strategic partnerships are formed between firms to accelerate learning, create new knowledge and innovate business models.

The Cognitive Evolution transforms corporate structures, changes the nature of commercial relationships and drives economic activities to reach the desired goal of optimal growth.

The new language of strategic partnerships is supple.

Strategic partnerships effectively mine deep pockets of specialist know how to formulate mutually beneficial value propositions. A platform to foster co-creation, broker innovation and facilitate transformation:

  •  Digital Transformation: Organisations must leverage the full suite of available capabilities to change their organisations end to end. External technology offerings should be viewed less as a product and more like a service to form part of a company’s core transformation journey. This type of arrangement optimises intellectual property, commercial relationships and growth strategies.
  •  Climate Change: The power of climate is not limited by form, structure or strength of a nation. Embrace the climate to control a natural, limitless but then obedient force to transition to a more complex social structure. The Paris Climate Change agreement represents a positive step in the right direction.
  • Space Exploration: New wave of Humanity beyond Earth involves partnerships between government, space agencies and the private sector. Operating models transcending international boundaries to accelerate research and development, broaden our horizons and return to space.

Similar to the discovery of fire, new technologies enable institutions to harness the power of climate to transition to a more complex global operating model to collectively explore territories beyond this planet.

Coming back down to earth, digital transformation eliminates repetitive, mundane and tedious tasks to move up the value chain requiring people to re-train, upskill and develop with new roles available in the space, circular and sharing economy.

It is projected that The Future of Work will result in the introduction of Universal Income whereby automation and digitisation leads to remuneration irrespective of work performed.

Regardless of this possibility, it is pivotal for organisations to create an environment where people are trusted to continuously educate themselves, freely create, pursue and share (commercial) interests and take sensible risks to reach full potential.

To achieve this corporate actualisation, organisations need to continue to leverage technologies to put people at the heart of their mission to:

  •  Enable them to take their full self to work which represents their professional, private and social lives
  •  Embody what they do, bring their experiences to the table and operate as intrapreneurs
  •  Set up large, deep and diverse networks to formulate an attractive commercial value proposition to effectively harvest the knowledge economy
  • Attract the best talent by placing purpose, culture and impact central to their business operations (= most valuable currency)
  • Do business to do good to create trust both internally as well as externally

Companies must re-invent themselves to create more elaborate operating structures to achieve corporate actualisation.

Strategic interpreneurship opportunities are to become one of the hallmarks of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Inter-organisational alliances such as those between corporates and social media platforms create a competitive advantage for companies to re-create the Wikipedia tail [see video in German]

Companies essentially do not have the resources, budget nor time to organise large crowds of people to make pro-active contributions to allow their transformation dreams to come true with numbers, desire and capabilities pivotal to success.

In addition, genuine contributions must be recognised, encouraged and rewarded for content generation to take place.

Beyond applying the 10,000 hours concept to master business transformation, companies must acknowledge that external strategic partnerships are pivotal to internalise the power of open source, leverage the inter-connectivity of social media platforms and avoid re-inventing the wheel internally to accelerate transformation.

It is time to transition from rugged individualism encapsulated by the Credit Crisis to an era of co-operation, co-development and transformation. Corporate Actualisation steered by the Fourth Industrial revolution translates into progress for everyone.

Companies recently risen to a dominant market position need to be aware that a thriving ecosystem comprising large and small is paramount to achieve long term vitality.

Within analytical psychology, Carl Jung highlighted that the problems of modern life are caused by “man’s progressive alienation from his instinctual foundation”.

Let’s go back to our instincts, tap into our collective conscience and co-operate, think and act in line with purpose to achieve future aspirations now.

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