Fear is one of the basic survival instincts that signals our bodies to respond to danger with a fight or flight response.

The detrimental effects of fear are individualism, shutting the doors to opportunity and a restricted view of the world.

Collective action is essential now to breed positivity, confidence and courage. A safe gateway to social, economic and intellectual prosperity.

Innovation, collaboration and transformation are three powerful forces for sustainable development, playing a critical role in advocating economic growth and social progress.

Commercial entities can actively contribute to a more co-operative, dynamic and inclusive environment.

Multi-party partnerships are necessary between private, public and third sectors to establish a continuous, consistent and representative voice operating beyond political cycles.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the number of ‘public’ or ‘state owned’ banks rapidly increased to become the vital agents of industrialisation in capitalist as well as socialist structures.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution warrants a similar independent, non-governmental and long term trustworthy approach to deliver innovative solutions, inclusive growth and fundamental change.

A more cohesive industrial strategy:

  • Country leadership to step up to lend appropriate levels of capital to effectively allocate funds to sectors such as education, health or infrastructure
  •  Showcase a 1:1 map of budget spent versus tax receipts to produce more transparency, accountability and clarity
  •  Investment Fund performance to contribute to state pension pay outs with performance more closely matching private pension schemes
  • Set up a board of directors comprising a representative set of stakeholders with industry associations influencing decision making on behalf of the various industrial groups, professional bodies and/or innovation centres (click example).

This approach builds capital markets with a social conscience in action. Where corporate citizens of Earth Inc are passive investors and provided with sufficient information to buy or sell ideas.

The shared denominator here standing at the intersection of politics, economics and commercially viable development are people.

Incremental individual contributions, however small, make this a reality.

A pre-requisite for countries, continents or Earth Inc to optimally function is for its population to be educated, diverse and mobile.

To facilitate commerce between nations The World Trade Organisation, including its dispute settlement process, should ultimately govern trade.

But moving away from the status quo presents a sizable challenge for existing unions.

Strategic partnerships can provide an interim, hybrid route to the WTO to avoid members going independent, rogue or alone.

Pertinent topics such as regulation, cybersecurity and taxation also require a more holistic solution allowing room for regional differences based on development phase, situation or other legacy factors.

Non-governmental institutions must be strategically positioned to ‘police’ co-operative sandboxes leveraging new technologies to empower connectivity, openness and possibility.

China is actively promoting multi-laterism based on sound business principles such as alliances, co-operation and credibility.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank allows China to control the budget, influence the strategy but other founding members such as Britain, France and Germany have voting rights too.

China’s One Belt, One Road initiative, expected to bridge the infrastructure gap across 60+ countries, is a good example of sustainable development, economic growth and social progress.

All traumatic shocks are self-inflicted to a degree. Facing extremes, people can find the resolve to reset, get back up and start again.

Let’s sensibly transform Earth Inc to welcome a new era.

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