Malaysia was ranked number 1 in Islamic Finance by country Index in 2018. The UK was ranked 17 on the same Index. However the UK is the
leading Western centre for Islamic Finance, with sharia compliant assets totalling US$6 billion in 2017 and growing each year. There are now Sharia compliant products such as individual savings accounts, home purchase plans, pension schemes, business start up financing and also student loans. The UK is the leading centre for Islamic finance education and training. As the global leader in FinTech, the UK is also very well positioned to capitalise on the burgeoning Islamic FinTech market. The London Stock Exchange is a key global venue for the issuance of Sukuk. To date a total of 72 Sukuk have been listed on the LSE with a total value of US$53 billion.The world’s first Green Sukuk, a Sharia compliant security similar to a bond,for environmentally friendly projects was issued in Malaysia by a renewable energy firm in 2017. The following speakers with expertise and experience in Islamic finance sector have agreed to be on the panel:

• Stella Cox CBE, Managing Director DDGI Limited
• Lord Sheikh, Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group
on Islamic Finance
• Alderman Alastair King, Chairman of Naisbitt King
Asset Management Limited & Chairman of IoD City
• Prof Dr Ashraf Md Hashim, CEO of ISRA Consultancy
• Maisam Faisal, Chief Commercial Officer, Al Rayan
Bank PLC

The Moderator will be Fara A Mohammad, Legal Director at Clyde & Co LLP who is on the Malaysia Link UK ( MLUK) committee and a member of The British Malaysian Society. We specially welcome Professor Ashraf, CEO of ISRA Consultancy Berhad who is collaborating and supporting this event by flying from Malaysia to speak at it. He is Deputy Chairman of The Shariah Council of Bank Negara ( the Central Bank of Malaysia ) and also a member of the Advisory Council of the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

Clyde & Co LLP are the host of the event which is supported by the Institute of Directors City Branch and British Malaysian Society.

Founded in 1933 Clyde & Co LLP is a dynamic Global Law Firm focused on providing a complete legal service to clients. The firm advises businesses that are at the heart of worldwide commerce and trade.

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