About Us

Coact Consulting Group is a business transformation consultancy set up after 16+ years with Goldman Sachs. Our focus is to create a platform for companies to co-create strategic partnerships to drive commercial growth [see video].

Within the scientific community it is understood that there is no ‘universal now’ which means the past, present and future co-exist simultaneously.

The future is already present yet not very evenly distributed. These observations hold true within an organisation, a market sector or an industry at large.

The key is to connect the dots between islands of information for stakeholders to create a shared vision and execute on this in a collaborative, high quality and timely manner.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable our clients to foster co-creation, broker innovation and facilitate transformation to turn a vicious circle of inertia into a fresh, virtuous cycle of growth.

Our purpose is to pro-actively generate viable commercial activities with a broader social impact.

Socially Responsible Leadership delivered

Who we are

Coact Consulting Group is a business transformation consultancy with 16+ years experience in development, management and delivery of large scale business transformation initiatives.

Coact Consulting Group engages organisations to identify, capture and convert on mutually beneficial opportunities with external providers to accelerate change end-to-end.

Productive partnerships couple human experience with technology to solve daily corporate needs, deliver on core strategy and power sustainable development.

Coact Consulting Group challenges perceived constraints around budget, need, performance and time. We expose our clients to best practice market solutions to kick start the change required for growth.

To achieve this, Coact Consulting Group creates a platform for clients to establish common ground, explore business propositions beneficial to all parties and formulate the action plan for strategy execution.

Our operating model is fully aligned to our clients’ requirements. Clients benefit from Coact Consulting Group’s market research capabilities, analytical skills and extensive, diverse and vibrant professional network.

Coact Consulting Group’s approach is simple, agile and execution focused.

Be part of a seamless journey to explore products, services and skill sets capable to deliver on either sustainable or disruptive innovation to fundamentally change an organisation.

What we do

Coact Consulting Group establishes a secure, confidential and safe place for firms to discover, explore and construct strategic partnerships to enact fundamental change, scale business models and unlock commercial growth.

To support this ‘strategy in action’ approach, Coact Consulting Group:

  • Effectively searches the market place to connect service providers with service acquirers to create commercial value at reduced transaction costs
  •  Identifies structural holes to build bridges between functions, divisions and/or organisations with a view to extract, share and commercialise valuable business information
  •  Navigates complex business relationships, leverages corporate memory and encourages joined up thinking to amplify organisational throughput
  • Deepens client relationships to understand business problems, aligns efforts with budget, resources and needs to offer ready-made innovative solutions whilst maintaining business continuity
  •  Understands our clients’ business to provide a unique vantage point to channel future business, improve service levels and maintain accountability
  •  Interprets messages to separate ‘signal’ from ‘noise’ to align networks with strategy to produce predictable, realistic and compelling outcomes
  • Serves in the best interest of each party to steer intricate individual agendas, navigate cultural challenges and nurture good corporate citizenship
  • Fosters successful partnerships to formulate a collective vision, enable strategy execution in practice and shorten business cycles

Why are we here

Coact Consulting Group recognises innovation is owned by everybody, best practice already exists and specialisation creates silos.

Scattered individual nodes within a network must be connected to avoid organisations become less valuable than the sum of their parts.

Coact Consulting Group’s strength is not to self-predict the future but instead to harness multi-faceted skill sets, ideas and experiences to make strategies come alive within a partnership framework.

Let’s coact to learn from the past, leverage the present and make the future happen now.

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