by Bastiaan van Drempt

Transformation & Collaboration: Go Back to Basics

Organisations able to harness human energy and successfully embrace technology positively shape their corporate development. Collaboration is essential to transformation.

by Bastiaan van Drempt

Innovation & Career Transition: Fight Club Re-visited

The First Rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. Fights go on for as long as they have to and, if it is your first night, you have to fight.

by Bastiaan van Drempt

An integrated governance framework unlocks flexibility, creativity and efficiency

Firms must master their ecosystems to stimulate innovation and get things done. New technologies provide a lever to increase return on equity.

by Bastiaan van Drempt

Innovation: The Relationship between Research & Development, Firm Size and Market Concentration

Firms need to leverage new technologies to drive commercial growth, reduce operational costs and generate shareholder returns. Successful Research and Development (R&D) programmes create a strategic advantage and reduce the risk of being either outperformed or replaced by competitors.

by Bastiaan van Drempt

Energy Capture Fundamental to Digital Transformation

The notion that technological progress underpins economic performance and enhances welfare is well established. Within anthropology, human history can be distilled into a single equation: E x T = C where E stands for Energy, T for Technology and C for Culture.

by Bastiaan van Drempt

The Rise of the Digital Economy: Breaking Vicious Circles

The digital economy is on the rise. The corporate sector is on the brink of a seismic change; digitisation touches every area of our working lives.