Every organisation is a technology enterprise creating a platform for people to connect, collaborate and innovate.

The digital landscape covers topics such as Cloud Technology, Advanced Analytics, Blockchain and Internet of Things.

However, it is no longer about formulating a digital strategy. It is all about creating a strategy to thrive in an inter-connected digital world.

Organisations must therefore become ‘smart enterprises’ now to continue to operate effectively irrespective of the new (digital) frontiers later.

Digital transformation is implicit to a smart enterprise.

Nobody really knows what the future holds but everybody knows that adaptability, flexibility and agility are key to survival.

Please read the full article published by SpendMatters here.

To start this transformation journey, Coact Consulting Group are conducting insight seminars titled ‘How Business Can Find Technology To Innovate Their Business Models‘ at the Institute of Directors on February 21 and at the eWorld Procurement and Supply conference on February 28, 2018.

Please contact the IoD on advance@iod.com or register at eWorld using the link enclosed in the aforementioned article.

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