There is an acceleration in momentum to ‘Humanise Business’ which essentially means organisations must focus on topics. that people care about in both their private and professional lives.

Commercial enterprise is all about people, trust & impact therefore it makes sense to engage your own organisation with a credible, ambitious and meaningful narrative to align Purpose, Principles and Strategy to then work collectively to help transform ways of working, culture & commercial outlook.

Ignore your own people at your peril.

Start with a ‘Materiality’ Matrix to involve, engage & empower stakeholders early on in the process to survey topics important to them versus their influence on commercial success which, in turn, creates a platform for success benefiting all.

An Integrated Governance Framework allows for a ‘panoramic view’ to capture the ‘best of all worlds’ by harnessing efficiency, scale & transparency whilst stimulating creativity, innovation & speed to make significant progress on topics that matter.

C-suite sponsorship is a must to foster this win-win-win-win scenario with people pro-actively raising their hands to propel selected initiatives forward reaping financial returns for the company, its shareholders AND customers.

This type of collaborative, non-singular and holistic approach to complex problem solving not only fixes the root cause but also in a quicker time-frame with a much wider commercial impact.

‘Organisational Welfare’ may not turn all ‘poison into medicine’ but it is inextricably linked with a healthy eco-system which directly contributes to higher levels of productivity.

This 5 step guide outlines a number of ‘old’ and ‘new’ ways to breathe a ‘new way of life’ into any commercial enterprise:

  • Facilitate Speed Networking exercises for people to listen, learn & exchange know-how to tackle significant business challenges but also to allow networks to grow more diverse, deeper and extensive
  • Introduce ‘Collaboration Charts’ stirring corporate memory to resolve multi-faceted business scenarios quicker, better and for good
  • Leverage Information & Communication Technologies to bring together functions, divisions, and businesses operating in different regions more effectively
  • Construct an ‘Open Source Library’ aggregating content from a diverse set of internal and external sources to become a news channel without bias, filters or limits
  • Visibly appoint ‘Welfare Officers’ to collaborate with internal departments such as Employee Relations, Human Resources and Occupational Health
  • Run regular exchange programs, encourage travel and participate in industry events to allow for knowledge exchanges to occur thereby avoiding any ‘re-invention of the wheel’ multiple times.

A ‘Human Resource’ department can only extract that much from a finite ‘Resource Pool’ whereas a ‘Human Development’ department invests in ‘Human Capital’ to yield returns far more infinite.

Let’s avoid meaningless slogans on a wall, focus on topics people care about.

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